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Комплект колёс DT X1700 Зад 135 эксцентрик , перед 15 мм ось.

Крупнейший вело разбор России. Доступные цены. Профессиональная вело мастерская. Запчасти новые и бу в наличии. 

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Колёса без резины 10000, покрышки 4000, вместе 12500.

DT Swiss X 1700 MTB Wheelset

A modern wide-profile rim made from super tough alloy combined with classy anodised and machined SPLINE® straight pull hubs.  Using the proven Ratchet System® freewheel, rear wheel pedal engagement is so direct that riding Cross Country on the X 1700 SPLINE® provides the performance level commonly associated with a competition wheel. However, it also leaves enough cash in the wallet to enter your next endurance race.


  • Material: Alloy
  • Tyre Type: Clincher tubeless ready
  • Internal Rim Width: 20mm
  • Outer Rim Width: 24mm
  • Valve Hole: Presta
  • Freewheel: DT Swiss Ratchet 18T
  • Spokes: DT competition straightpull
  • Nipples: DT Pro Lock Aluminium
  • Spoke Lacing: 3-cross
  • Weight: 1680g


  • Tubeless: Without risking snakebites, the tyre can be run with lower pressures providing better grip. The lower pressure also results in a more comfortable ride. Eliminating the tube means there is no friction between tube and tyre and therefore less rolling resistance when the tyre rolls over the ground and obstacles. If tubeless milk is used, the tyre can self seal stings and small cuts
  • Spline® Technology: With their intricately machined hub shells, cleverly positioned spokes and proven freewheel technology, the DT Swiss SPLINE® wheels are engineered with modern riding needs in mind. It is products like the SPLINE® wheels that allow riders to go faster and further, ultimately making the cycling experience even more fun. The combination of high attention to detail and the legendary DT Swiss reliability featured with the new SPLINE® wheels will make you smile ride after ride, year after year
  • Straightpull: The term Straightpull refers to spokes with no bend at the head. This design allows for an ideal strength to weight ratio when compared to conventional spokes. Due to their more precise alignment and direct trajectory, straight-pull spoke technology creates a stiffer, more responsive wheel
  • Straightpull Hub: Straightpull hubs are made for straight spokes with no bend at the head. Same as the classic DT Swiss hubs they have earned their legendary reputation for quality and performance. There are multiple features that make this product a winner: The Ratchet System driver mechanism is extremely durable, reliable and can be serviced without special tools in minutes, thanks to its simple press fit assembly. The press fit assembly also allows most hubs to work in almost any currently existing axle configuration, making them compatible with almost every bike. The contact free seals and high precision build guarantee smooth bearings; every bit of the rider’s energy is transformed into forward momentum. These features and the super lightweight design of all the hub parts highlights the racing legacy of this classic hub
  • DT Pro Lock®: The patented locking system is based on a special pre-applied dual compound adhesive that coats the nipple threads. As soon as the nipples are twisted, the dual compound adhesive starts to react and is completely hardened after 6 - 7 hours. If necessary, the wheel can be used immediately after assembling. The wheel can be completely re-trued several times
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